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Optibelt Power Transmission
Industrial hall no. 4, 6,400 sqm of general contractor – 4.5 mil. € Industrial hall no. 3, 2,000 sqm of general contractor – 1.7 mil. € Industrial hall no. 2, 9,000 sqm of general contractor – 6 mil. € Industrial hall no. 1, 5500 sqm, - general contractor for installations – 760k € Maintenance mechanical and electrical installations.
Weidmueller Interface
Industrial hall no. 7-8, general contractor for installations –5,2 mil. € – in progress Industrial hall no. 5-6, general contractor for installations - 3,7 mil. € Industrial hall no. 4, general contractor for installations – 406k € Maintenance mechanical and electrical installations
Baia Mare – VIVO!
VIVO! Mall- general modernization - general contractor – 4.7 mil. € H & M shop, general contractor installations VIVO! Maintenance -mechanical installations
Libelo Development
General contractor mechanical installations
General contractor mechanical installations
Sanitary installations, heating, ventilation
Hydrants, sanitary, heating 570 KW
Electrolux Romania
Heating in the finished products warehouse 590 kw, Ventilation and compressed air installations at compressor stations, heating installations, Air conditioning with Trane and Mitsubishi equipments, Thermotechnical laboratory ventilation, hot water heating with solar panels for changing rooms Modernization of central heating + solar panels Gas detection installation
Penny Market
Hydrants & rainwater drainage
Kaufland 2
General contractor installations
Somipress Romania
2000 sqm Industrial hall - General contractor
Tarr Const: The Dome Pub & Hotel
General contractor installations
County Hospital- Electrical installation
General contractor
County Hospital Neurology department
Hospital Neurology department building construction- General contractor
County Hospital E.R. department
E.R. department modernization and expansion - General contractor – in progress
Cereal storage and fotovoltaic park
Cereal storage and fotovoltaic park - General contractor
Ara Shoes Romania
- External networks for 5 halls of 6.000sqm, heating: 6x60kw offices + 260kw canteen + 2x60kw guest houses, air conditioning, hydrants
Meder Instruments
- Moving technology facilities from Debrecen, Hungary, heating 630kw, ventilation 60.000mc / h, 37kw compressed air, sanitary
Hotel Hilton Doubletree
General contractor mechanical installations
Penny Market
Air conditioning and refrigeration Daikin
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