About us


Our company was founded in 1992, is a company with entirely Romanian private capital, present on the market for over 30 years and carries out entrepreneurial activities, design, construction and service activities in construction and installations in both industrial and residential areas.

By organizing and efficiently planning the works, the professionalism in relation to the partners, we have highlighted the quality of the execution of the works and the timely delivery of the contracted objectives.

We are a collective generator of constructive ideas, in constant interaction and aiming to satisfy the requirements of our beneficiaries through the quality services provided for their benefit.

The average turnover for the last 5 years, was over 6 million euro/ year.

The firm started it’s performance with only 2 employees in 1992, curently has 130 employees, from which,  15 of them are construction engineers, installation engineers and automation engineers, with good professional training, experienced and motivated both by the our achievements and by the existing perspectives


In order to further guarantee the level of competence of the company for the beneficiaries, it has been implemented and maintained :

– A quality management system: ISO 9001: 2015,

– An environmental management system: ISO 14001: 2015

– A Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001: 2018

We are :

– Authorized ISU to execute and service fire extinguishing and fire detection systems

– Authorized ISCIR – installation, montage, repair P <400 KW, RSVTI.

– ANRE Certificate Type B for design and execution of external electrical installations, interior, aerial and underground connections at a nominal voltage of 0.4 KV.

About our company:

In order to achieve the objectives we are working in general entrepreneurship in the following areas:

– constructions: design, infrastructure works, concrete, metal structures, masonry, exterior planking, finishing,

– exterior works: installation networks, concrete platforms, pavement(s)

– mechanical installations: sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas, hydrants systems, sprinklers, fire detection, smoke removal, technological networks, compressed air.

– electrical installations: transformer stations, electrical panels including automation, power networks, weak currents, building management systems, video surveillance, access control, telephony including VOIP.

We build complex systems by putting in place modern design, execution and service technologies to meet the most demanding qualitative demands of our customers, which are highly professional.

The knowledge and the continuous development of the entrepreneurial practices have always brought us good results in the correct, complete and timely completion of the execution of each object of activity, starting from the bidding and the handing over of the works within the contracted objectives.


– Production and storage facilities for prefabrication of metalic structures and installed installations,

– Own means of transport,

– High performance machinery and equipment

– excavators, backhoe loaders, scissor lift platforms for indoor and outdoor

– Vertical and horizontal drilling machines,

– Multiple tools in the field of mechanical and electrical installations,

– Logistics that allows its activities to be carried out in a timely and consistent manner.

They help us meet the most exigent tastes of our customers.

We produce

Tubing(piping / duct) for ventilation and pneumatic transport, spiro and rectangular ducts, made of galvanized or stainless steel sheet with thinkness between 0.5 – 1.2mm. Circular tubes with diameters between 100 mm and 1000 mm, and rectangular tubing of all types.

– special parts – elbows, tees, branches, reductions, jumps, etc.

– we insulate all the parts produced and make sheet metal protection for the insulation performed

– chimneys

Service and maintenance - facility management

We provide maintenance to the projects we had executed, and not only, having clients like Electrolux SA, Optibelt Power Transmission SRL, Hotel Hilton Oradea, , Vivo- Baia Mare, Auchan Baia Mare- Satu Mare , Weidmüller Interface Romania S.R.L.

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